For April 19th:

1. Based on the feedback in last week's class, prepare desktop and mobile designed layouts, and push them as far as you can based on the elements that you decide would help tell your story the best.

2. Place designed jpgs in the indesign template (provided on Dropbox for your wireframes phase) and annotate UX, UI and content details.

3. Upload a PDF (using naming convention FirstName_LastName_04-19-16_FINAL) and the original .jpgs used (so we can place in the browser for pitch purposes) by Tuesday, April 19 at 5pm.

For April 5th:

1. Based on the feedback in last week's class from your peers and myself, please update your wireframes and start layering in designs and visuals. For the purposes of this class, you can leverage assets through Google, Shutterstock, Getty etc. or other inspiration.

2. I will provide a lecture to go through at the beginning of class. Please make sure to read through it carefully as it will impact how you work in class. I'll send the link to it before the class. The lecture will cover: web fonts and all details you need to know when working on the execution/creation of assets portion of a project.

3. Unfortunately due to a work commitment after hours, I will have to miss this class, but it is REQUIRED that you attend and put in the two hours of work. I will ask each of you to update dropbox here with updated work and I will check time stamp.

4. I will be available throughout the week for feedback too as you work on designs. You can look at examples here too for inspiration. You are preparing your final designs and will be presenting them to the class on April 19th (with guest crits present).

5. Please keep sending inspiration links for the blog!

For March 29th:

1. Based on the feedback in last week's class, prepare desktop and mobile wireframes and push them as far as you can based on the elements that you decide would help tell your story the best.

2. Place wireframe jpgs in the wireframe indesign template (provided on Dropbox) and annotate UX, UI (if you have) and content details.

3. Upload a PDF (using naming convention FirstName_LastName_03-29-16_Project3) by Tuesday, March 29 at 5pm.

4. In class, you will each be presenting your annotated documents to me and the class for feedback. Please be prepared.

For March 22nd:

1. Based on the feedback in last week's class, start putting together your wireframes using the photoshop files in this folder. You can focus on desktop and mobile for now.

2. Keep sending me questions and links to post on the class blog.

3. In class, we'll go over best practices for mobile UX and look over your wireframes.

For March 15th:

1. You will review my feedback from PROJECT 2 and come back to class with the refined pitch.

2. The great Melanie Deziel ( will be visiting our class as a guest. She will go around the class and review and help refine the overall pitch / ideas / concept with each of you individually as you begin your wireframes and layout approach.

3. Come to class with sketches of desktop and mobile experience on pieces of paper. These can be very rough.

4. We'll start working on wireframes in class together using a photoshop file that I will provide at the beginning of class. The whole class will be mainly a working class.

For March 8th:

1. Read the Prahs brief in PROJECT 2 folder on Dropbox.

2. Respond to the brief with:

- An overall concept / idea / story / pitch
- A user flow showing how the audience will interact with the content
- Suggest a format the idea should live in: a quiz, a responsive game, a long-form multimedia article etc. The inspiration from PROJECT 1 (and should give you a good sense of what is out there.
- Moodboard with illustration, photography, visuals, graphics for inspiration

You are pitching this to the "client" (aka me) so go BIG on the idea and execution!

3. Upload a PDF (using naming convention FirstName_LastName_03-08-16_Project2) by Tuesday, March 8 at 5pm.

4. I'll be reviewing your work and placing a FEEDBACK folder on Dropbox by Monday, March 14.

New Room Assignment:


I found us a computer lab. Please go to: 1103F, located at 136 West 21st Street


For March 1st:

1. Identify design trends in the branded content space (good reference: 

2. Outline what’s working / not working / what you think could work better. Pay attention to content, story, UX, UI, level of branding, transparency with labeling etc. 

3. Send Rachel 3-5 examples with screenshots and notes (PDF) by Sunday, February 28 at 7pm.

Spring 2016, Welcome!

Welcome to Designer's Guide: Building a Brand Story at the School of Visual Arts.

The format of the course is studio and lecture, as well as guest speakers. There will be required readings for class discussion. On the last day you will be presenting in front of the whole class.

Carefully review the course syllabus you received in class. Be sure to review and understand the course requirements, Dropbox requirements and the course syllabus.

We will be using this blog to post projects, links, and assignments.

Come to class alert and prepared.