Creating a SuperpowAR: Blippar and Layar join forces

You’ve probably heard our exciting news, but let’s explore what it means for us all…
Blippar’s acquisition of Layar - and the resulting creation of the world’s largest augmented reality consumer reach - has taken place. It’s a milestone event and we are now excited to begin work with our exceptional peers in Holland, pooling technical and consumer expertise to accelerate growth within this ecosystem.
The deal has huge potential for both businesses, all our partners and, indeed, the whole AR industry. It gives our clients access to unparalleled thought leadership, plus all data and best practice guidelines accumulated by both companies.
Blippar and Layar have always bucked the AR business model trend for white-label app-creation, instead promoting the download of one solo app through which multiple content owners access a burgeoning single audience - and offer one strong, consistent consumer message.
The creation of our new superpowAR will serve only to make this message even stronger.

During this transition period business will continue as usual; nothing will change without notice. The two apps will co-exist; products and services remain as they are, current agreements remain valid. We will keep you updated and be transparent regarding all changes and their implications.
Together, Blippar and Layar are the undisputed world leader of augmented reality and visual browsing. We look forward to building on the huge global potential of this mass consumer behaviour for our clients’ benefit.