Snickers Is Now Selling Absurd Hunger-Themed Products on eBay

Has hunger ever caused you to feel like a princess who's also a little spacey—aka, a "Sprincess"? You need an Astro Tiara ... or maybe just a Snickers Crisper. 

You can buy the former on eBay, anyway, along with several other ridiculous products that Snickers and BBDO have dreamed up for people suffering from the kind of linguistic-mashup hunger symptoms introduced in the Snickers Crisper campaign. 

This new "Hunger Innovations" campaign isn't limited to eBay, either. Snickers is also imitating your favorite home shopping channel with a faux infomercial, and taking advantage of autoplaying video in your Facebook news feed, to promote the conveniently bite-sized two-per-pack Crisper bars. 

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