Moda Operandi launches app for New York Fashion Week eager shoppers


Taking advantage of the hype and happenings of New York Fashion Week, Moda Operandi, an online retailer, launched an app that allows fashion enthusiasts to preview, preorder, and buy items from the runway shows.

Moda Operandi allows customers to peruse shows and “like” and “dislike” looks, revealing which high-powered fashion reviewers have also “liked” the look. After “liking” a look, the shopper is notified when the item is available for sale.
This app targets a very specific section of the general population: those who both have a passion for fashion and the bank to back up their desires.  In the Luxury Daily article, Sarah Jones explains the app's faith in the "emotional purchases", tapping into "affluent consumers’ need to own new apparel and accessories before anyone else."
“What the Moda Operandi app did well, though, was streamlining the checkout, which included mobile-optimized forms and automatic storage of personal information to ensure quick mobile commerce transactions,”
Moda Operandi is not the only app allowing shoppers to preorder fashion collections, Bonfaire launched in the summer of 2013 and presents offers for “Exclusive First Access to Order Designer Accessories.” Moda Operandi, however, has been praised for its simplicity in design and its ability to save the customer’s credit card number, making the shopping experience even faster and easier.