Phonebloks – A Phone That You Piece Together Like Lego

Phonebloks is a concept for a phone that works on a modular system, allowing you to customize the features of your phone by simply removing and adding parts when you feel appropriate. Thus enabling you to prioritize certain elements over others; camera, processor, battery etc. It also provides you with the ability to upgrade/update these parts when you want or when they are available. A fresh and innovative idea from Dave Hakkens.

It deals head on with the problem we have with electronic waste (there is a lot of it!). When our phones and our other electronic devices break, usually for one individual reason (screen breaks, too slow etc), we throw out the whole device; working parts and all. The Phonebloks concept will reduce the wastage simply because you can replace that individual part. Quickly and easily. Check out the videos at the bottom of this article.

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