Mobile Activation Study (Jan-Dec 2013)

As in previous years, the study found continual and steady growth in the mobile activated space, but 2013 also saw an explosion in the range of technologies used to deliver activations. Compared to a total of 8,448 activations in 2012, 2013 saw 13,088 activated pages in the magazines surveyed. The top activated magazines included Marie Claire, Esquire, Redbook, Cooking Light and InStyle, showing the range of readership target demographics that are participating in mobile programs.

The primary activation type was Image Recognition (IR), followed by QR—taking second place for the first time in the history of the study, and watermarking in third. The most represented segments were Fashion & Style (3,893) and Lifestyle & Leisure (3,196) followed by Home & Gardening (855), Home & Cooking (816), Entertainment & TV (750), and Fashion & Beauty (704).

Some of the striking results include:

  • 246 % increase in magazine titles using mobile activated print by editorial teams
  • Number of mobile experiences has risen to 13,088 - a 54.9% growth over 2012
  • Image recognition and augmented reality were the dominant activation vehicle with 60% market share
  • Advertisers remain actively engaged with QR comprising 60% of all advertising activations

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Top 10 luxury brand digital campaigns of Q3

Luxury marketers used digital tactics to foster intimate connections with consumers during the third quarter of 2013.

Digital enabled marketers to engage with target consumers on a personal level through microsites, branded hashtags and digital touch points. These experiential and educational tactics integrated consumers into what felt like the brand’s inner circle, which ultimately drove brand loyalty.

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